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Inner Strength

A holistic pelvic floor therapy practice dedicated to helping you heal pelvic pain, enhance intimacy and feel empowered

Inner Strength Pelvic & Postpartum Wellness, is a holistic, trauma-informed practice specializing in supporting women both physically and emotionally through the postpartum period and beyond. We specialize in pelvic floor therapy, sexual wellness, and postpartum support. We are passionate about helping moms go from just surviving during pregnancy and the postpartum period to thriving. We also believe that it is important to empower women to recognize their own Inner Strength through support, education, and healing. Our mission…restoring joy!!

Our Services

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Do you, leak urine when you laugh or sneeze? Do you experience pain with intercourse or inserting a tampon? You don’t have to live with these symptoms. Pelvic floor therapy can help treat these as well as other pelvic floor related concerns.

Postpartum Support

Becoming a new mom comes with many new changes including a new role, new identity, and changes to our daily activities and routines. At Inner Strength, we can support you during this transition.

Sex & Intimacy Wellness

Do you want to enhance your intimacy, heal painful intercourse, and address sexual roadblocks? We can help you. 

Pelvic Health  Occupational  Therapy

The occupational therapy approach to pelvic health includes a function first, whole-body perspective. Occupational Therapists are trained in how the client is functioning. OTs use this whole-body holistic approach to not just treat the physical aspect but also the social and emotional aspects of pelvic floor issues. Pelvic health and emotional health are deeply interconnected and we are trained to address both aspects. This approach allows you to feel heard.


        Occupational therapists are also trained to address role transition to motherhood, assist in establishing routines to facilitate life balance, and address other physical/emotional needs that may occur during the postpartum period. 

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