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My name is Khadijah Johnson

I’m a women’s health occupational therapist and the owner of Inner Strength Pelvic & Postpartum Wellness specializing in supporting women holistically both physically and emotionally through the postpartum period and beyond. I received my undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University and my Masters of Occupational Therapy degree from Kean University in New Jersey. I have advanced training in maternal mental health, pelvic health, and sex & intimacy. I also sit on Postpartum Support International-Texas Chapter’s board, as Vice President.


I currently live in the Houston area with my husband and two kids. I am a proud wife to a U.S Navy veteran. I love Pilates, a good strong cup of coffee, spending time with family and friends, and exploring brunch places in Houston. I strongly believe that women should be supported during the postpartum period. Through my work as a pelvic health occupational therapist, I strive to help women feel supported and heard while healing and feeling confident, not just in their bodies but also in motherhood.

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My Story

As an occupational therapist, I spent many years supporting families, including supporting them through their transition to motherhood. Many of those years were spent working in the early intervention setting as well as in the outpatient setting. Helping moms has always been a passion of mine. My own experiences led me to become a women’s health occupational therapist.

After giving birth to my first baby, with my husband in the Navy frequently going out to sea, I found myself seeking support and resources. At that time, it was very difficult to find the help I needed as a first-time mom.

Then after having my second baby, I was vocal to my healthcare providers about all of the physical challenges that were occurring. However, most of them either ignored my concerns or told me it was ‘typical symptoms’ for just giving birth. Emotional symptoms accompanied the physical symptoms after going through health difficulties and needing to have surgery.

It seemed like there was no one and no resources available to address my concerns and help me heal. That’s when I decided, as an occupational therapist, I had the ability to help myself both physically and mentally as well as others during the postpartum period. It is this passion that fuels my motivation to help moms who need to feel supported through the postpartum period, whether it be from pelvic pain, pain with sex or just having a challenging time adjusting to the demands of this new role of being a mom.

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“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

― Lalah Delia

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